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Delirium in Critical Care, the book written by Dr Valerie Page and Professor Wes Ely, was given the ultimate accolade in a review published in August’s British Journal of Anaesthesia  “I couldn’t put it down”.   Find out for yourself, back to £19.13 from Amazon, list price £22.50 published by Cambridge University Press.

Buy it today and change your patients lives forever!

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The Intensive Care Foundation (Research arm of Intensive Care Society) currently is running a research prioritisation exercise and prevention/treatment of delirium is one of the proposals.  So all you ICS members out there have a look at the proposals you have been sent - take part.  The delirium based study is Number 6. 

Clinicians of the ICS make your vote count!

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There will be a study day held on Sept 12th in Cambridge on Delirium and Restraints in ICU.  It is only £50 (free to NHS staff and members of Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire critical care network).  There is an excellent programme of speakers.  So if you are finding agitated ICU patients a challenge then you may find the answers here.

For more details and registration: Dr Kim Giraud 01480 364506.