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David Parkes died earlier this year.  Despite knowing nothing about delirium he designed this website.  In June 2010 he sent me the following email:

“I just thought I should let you know. My Grandmother died recently, aged 97. She was taken into a hospital following a fall at home. My grandmother broke no bones and suffered no major trauma beyond a black eye from her fall. She had been feeling unwell (and this probably contributed to her fall, but her eyesight was very poor) and was treated for a kidney infection after she was taken in to hospital. Because of her age and I’m guessing the infection she was placed in an ICU ward.Following admission she quickly became confused and disorientated. She refused to take her medication and ate very little. From here she deteriorated rapidly, she was unable to recognise family members, became increasingly confused and disorientated and I had reports from my cousins that the doctors had concluded she was suffering from dementia. A few days later she passed away peacefully.

She was 97 years old, deaf and nearly blind. But she had never suffered from dementia before she entered hospital. Now I’m not overly upset or angry about this. My Gran had made it quite clear that she was surprised to still be alive at her age. But I wanted you to know that I’m totally convinced you are raising awareness about a serious issue and one that no-doubt affects a lot more people with a lot more life left in them than my grandmother.

So Kudos.”


So from me, thank you David and goodbye.  Valerie